Weingut Fürst

In the Obermosel, the southernmost part of the Mosel river, south of the Saar near the border of Luxembourg, Michael Furst operates his small family winery, and focuses on growing and vinifying wine from the historic Elbling grape. Although Elbling is an ancient grape and was once the most widely grown grape variety in Germany, there are fewer than 600ha planted there today, all in the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer and practically all grown in the Obermosel. Much of it is used for sparkling wine production and almost all of it is bottled by large cooperatives. Furst is a delightful exception. His family has grown grapes and other crops at their estate in the Sauer Valley near the village of Metz since the 13th century. Michael is the third generation of his family to make wine under the family name, and has been the head winemaker since 2000. He tends 12ha of Elbling, 70% of which are old vines, 25% between 10 and 20 years old, and 5% young. His total Elbling production is under 10,000cs and the quality is high, vintage after vintage. We are very proud to represent one of the few small family wineries still working with this fascinating grape variety.