Combel La Serre

This winery, run by Jean-Pierre & Julien Ilbert, is located 15 kilometers from Cahors, on the slopes of Cournou and Rassiels. Until 2001 they mostly sold their fruit to the local co-op, and then for 7 years had a contract with Matthieu Cosse at Cosse Maisonneuve.  During the first few years of this arrangement, they continued to be a polyculture farm, but in 2005 they began to focus on viticulture and started bottling and selling their wines independently. 

In 2012 they began converting to organic viticulture, and were certified at end of 2013.  They currently have 26 hectares, planted at a density of 4,500 vines per hectare; the clay and limestone soil imparts both complexity and finesse. 

Very little oak is used in the winemaking process here, all of it several seasons old.  Although they have quite a few cement vats in the winery, at this point Julien chooses to vinify each parcel separately in a combination of stainless, cement and fiberglass, depending on the fruit each parcel yields. After fermentation, he seeks to do the assemblage as soon as possible; for élèvage, he prefers older, large (500L) barrels, but has some used barriques as well.

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