Candialle was, long before their arrival, a wine-producing farm. Originally, (from Roman times onwards), it produced many agricultural goods and was, like most Tuscan farms or "podere", supplying bigger estates with various agricultural products. Founded as an estate-bottled winery in 2002, Candialle is now a husband and wife (German/Finnish) team of Josephin Cramer and Jarkko Peränen.  Located in Panzano, just 20 km from Florence in the Conca d’Oro in the heart of the Chianti Classico zone, Candialle has 11.5 hectares under vine, 9 of which are planted to Sangiovese. There is a large variety of clonal and massale selections of Sangiovese in their vineyards. The vines are trained in either doppio cordone speronato or alberello at densities ranging from 7,600-10,000 plants per hectare. All vineyard work is 100% organic.

The wines are elegant and pretty with a sweet cherry note from Sangiovese; they are stylistically concentrated, but still true to their location. Panzano and the surrounding Conca d’Oro are well-known for the high percentage of galestro, a marl-like soil high in limestone. The zone is also 300+ meters above sea level and sees large diurnal shifts. Both the high limestone content and temperature shifts lead to high toned wines with beautiful fruit and elegance.

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