Mas de Cadenet

The Mas de Cadenet estate is located at the base of the Sainte Victoire mountain (the mountain that Cézanne made famous through his paintings), in the heart of Provence.  It is a family estate and has been owned and run by the same family for seven generations. The domaine is composed of 45 hectares of vines planted 250 meters above sea level, with a southern exposure. 40 hectares are classified in AOC Sainte-Victoire, and 5 hectares are planted in AOC Côtes de Provence. Sainte-Victoire is a sub-appellation of the Côtes de Provence which was granted its own AOC status in 2005; twenty-two winemakers (including Mas de Cadenet) fought for their AOC status for 15 years, and rosé from this region is widely understood to be the best of those produced in Provence. Sainte-Victoire is also noteworthy for a "gentleman's agreement" in effect here: the vignerons of Saint-Victoire have all elected to practice organic viticulture. As with all of their neighbors, striking a balance with nature is central in the Negrel family's philosophy. Mas de Cadenet's vineyards have now been certifed organic since 2013. The average age of their vines is 35 years old, with the oldest vines now over 70 years old. The age of the vines is a key factor for the wines consistency and quality; the yield of the wines is naturally kept low to ensure high quality of the wines (45 hl/ha in average). Mas de Cadenet produces 60% rosé, 30% rouge, and 10% blanc; at 60% of their total production, making an exceptional rosé is clearly a priority.