Robyn Smith

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, I made my way to New York in 2012 via Singapore and Portland, Oregon after studying International Affairs and Romance languages in college. A few years in the museum industry taught me the ins and outs of event production and project management, and introduced me to some amazing people and institutions around the world. Eventually honing into my true love for all things food and agriculture, I spent three years at Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm, co-managing the events program. Through the countless summer events we produced, I got to know some amazing local chefs, growers, and wine and beer producers and I was hooked! 

A few steps later, I'm thrilled to join the team at David Bowler Wine and begin my foray into all things wine-related. I'm particularly excited about the amazing producers we work with, and their commitment to sustainable land stewardship. Any bottles I take home will hopefully be enjoyed camping upstate - or anywhere outside.