Josh Miles

Josh’s first job was tending bar in an Italian restaurant in Michigan when he was 18. He swiftly graduated from restocking ice and glassware to pouring beers, fetching bottles from the cellar, and occasionally making gin and tonics. He would read wine magazines in the cellar during his dinner breaks. Then he went off to college in Minnesota to study music and theater. His first real wine gig was working for an importer in Minneapolis where he handled sales, marketing, delivery, compliance, and unloaded full containers of wine from Spain with a manual pallet jack. He moved to NYC in 2001, and after a few years working retail there and in DC, he went back into distribution and spent 10 years with Martin Scott Wines.

He is proud drinker of Chardonnay. And all you Chardonnay haters? Well, h e’ll come steal your stash of white Burgundy and Champagne thankyouverymuch.