Isabella Fitzgerald

Growing up, I always had drops of wine in my goblet of seltzer water thanks to parents who always wanted me to try things and not feel left out among the grown ups.  The evidence remains as a handful of wooden wine crates that still serve as places for books or as decor around my family's home. Both then and now, paella and Rioja still reign supreme as far as Fitzgerald family dinners go. A formative four years studying business, but working as a tour guide and events assistant at Johnson & Wales, had me a stairwell away from kitchen classrooms (read: snacks from aspiring chef friends) and got me hooked on hospitality. 

Returning home to New Jersey I started commuting to work at beloved Gramercy Tavern where I spent 8 years growing from host to Assistant Beverage Manager and falling in love with wine along the way. First sips of Chenin Blanc and summers of Rieslings celebrated at all (at some point) terroirs and I was happily labeled an acidfreak and lover of temporary tattoos. Good fortune and encouraging mentors landed me on trips to wine regions as close as the North Fork and as far as the Republic of Georgia. Along the way, as we do, I gained friendships and great admiration for the farmers and families who carry on tradition, challenge it, reinvent it, all in effort for the best translation of time and place through wine. It's perfect to be able to continue to meet and share the stories of wine folk at David Bowler Wine! 

Outside of wine, I live in Brooklyn and am an avid crafter and aspiring calligrapher.


Assistant French Brand Manager