Anna Trueman

Anna graduated from Ringling School of Art & Design in 1996 with a degree in illustration and followed the footsteps of so many artists before her- waiting tables and doing odd jobs while trying to "make it" in the art world. Her experience with wine before that was almost nil, but within her first year in the restaurant scene along the Delaware River an hour north of Philadelphia, she became obsessed with wine: reading, tasting, even a sommelier class (or three.) At a certain point, she discovered that that obsession was actually useful: helping diners choose wines to compliment their meal was rewarding, and not just personally. It occurred to her that she could either fight the good fight and maintain her starving artist status, or she could parlay her love of wine into maybe starving a bit less. Thus followed a brief stint at a local NJ winery, a few years in retail, and a few more years as a sales rep in New Jersey.

The art career didn't just end there, though; in fact, it never even went on hold. At every job, she found that her artistic bent proved not just useful, but a bona fide asset. No point-of-sale for the wines she was selling? No problem. Wine list hard to navigate? She'd volunteer to fix it. She even designed a wine label here and there (that was really fun.) And when life took a turn- as it tends to do- she found that all of this design-on-the-side could turn into something more. So, 18 years after graduating art school, she has landed here at Bowler with a full-time designer position, and this time it's her years of wine geekery that are not just useful, but a bona fide asset... and she even gets to work in New York (the icing on the cake!)

Graphic Design