Torremorón is made in the small town of Quintanamanvirgo (population: 94) in north-central Ribera. Many of Ribera’s top bodegas hold vineyards here: optimally located at high altitude, the soils here are a mix of alluvial, sand, and clay. 

The people of Quintanamanvirgo are very proud of their common wine heritage; everyone in town works for the winery. (Quintanamanvirgo has two businesses: the bar and the winery.) If you ever want to experience and taste the authentic personality of Ribera del Duero, head directly for this town and ask for Fernando de la Cal. When you meet him, ask him to show you his vineyards and his family cave where wine was made in the 1800’s. Made with vines planted in 1908-1930, Torremorón is a genuine wine, one of the most pure expressions of Tempranillo that you’ll come across.