Tokaj Classic

Tokaj Classic is a tiny estate with only 8 hectares of vines in two of the original grand cru vineyards - Király and Betsek in Tokaji-Hegyalja. Owners, Phyllis and Andras Bruhacs fell in love with the region and began purchasing land from small local farmers in 1993. Making Tokaji wine is completely unique and highly complex compared to making any other wines in the world and cannot be learned in an ordinary wine school. Their winemaker, Imre Galambosi is a local and his family made Tokaji for generations. He also attended an oenology school in Budapest. Driven by their passion alone, the soul goal of the winery is to make one of the best and perhaps most unique sweet wines in the world. The Bruhacs feel privileged to own a small part of grand cru vineyards in a region with a history that goes back over 1,000 years.  

Unlike the larger wineries in the area, Tokaj Classic did not move in and “clean up” the cellar, instead opting to leave the mold that is considered essential to the aging process. There is plenty of yeast on the berries and in the winery to start fermentation naturally. Fermentation carries out slowly at its own pace, in stainless steel for the late harvest and in 136L "gönci" barrels for the aszú.  The wines are made in a traditional style and have a distinctive complexity which Andras describes as coming from the grand cru terroir. Using the traditional method of soaking aszú (Botrytis dried berries) in a finished wine they create amazingly concentrated and rich wines with the perfect balance of acidity.

The Tokaj Classic wines have been awarded six consecutive Gold Medals at the International Wine and Spirits Competition (London), commending the Aszú 6 puttonyos. This international success is without parallel in the recent history of Hungarian wine. No other Hungarian winery has been able to win consecutive gold medals at this prestigious competition.

We feel privileged to work with Tokaj Classic who is making tokaji naturally, traditionally and on a miniscule scale.