Tobias Vineyards

Toby Forman learned how to make wine the old-fashioned way, from his dad. In Toby’s case, that means the legendary Ric Forman, who learned his craft in the 1960’s while making his name at Mondavi, Stony Hill, Stirling, Abreau, and finally founding his own benchmark Forman Vineyard winery in 1983. Toby grew up at his father’s winery, began working there in 2000, became assistant winemaker and, most recently, the head winemaker at Forman Vineyard.

In 2009, wishing to build something independent of his father’s legacy, Toby established Tobias Vineyards along with his wife, Dawn Forman. Using his experience at Forman along with Dawn’s family’s vineyard holdings, they produce outstanding value wines from Alexander Valley, Mendocino, and, of course, Napa Valley. In the cellar, Toby favors a light touch, opting for balanced, versatile, food-friendly wines.

It’s always exciting to see what a new generation brings to the table, and Toby shows all the telltale signs of what put his venerable father’s name on the map. With just a few vintages under this label so far, we thrilled to see what they do in the coming years, and pleased to welcome Tobias Vineyards to David Bowler Wine.