Weingut Thanisch

When we went hunting for a traditional, reasonably priced Mosel estate that offers the classic, lightweight, fruity, low alcohol Rieslings and Kabinetten that so many of our customers crave, our search took us to the town of Lieser at the heart of the Mittelmosel, where we found Thanisch. No, not Doctor Thanisch (long distributed in America by someone else): Weingut Ludwig Thanisch.

Weingut Thanisch is a sleeper estate if there ever was one, existing quietly in the shadow of its legendary Mosel neighbors. Established in 1648, the cellar lies at the far end of the little village of Lieser, vines sloping up from the back of the houseat a dizzying angle. In 2001, Jörg Thanisch took over the reins of the family business from his father Ludwig, and now produces about 10,000 cases a year of Rieslings blessed with delicacy, succulent fruit, and signature Mosel minerality.

The family’s 8 hectares of vineyards extend over some of the best steep slopes of the Middle Mosel, including the legendary sites Niederberg Helden and Brauneberger Juffer. Jörg follows a pragmatic, non-interventionist philosophy, with no pesticides used in the vineyards. The same approach is used in the winery as well; grapes are crushed using a gravity-fed press and vinified in stainless steel, to preserve the bright freshness of the fruit. Estate wines are fermented using cultured yeasts, but the Pradikat wines are done using only wild yeasts. No süssreserve is used in their production.

These wines are an incredible value for the money!