Ritter Von Gluck

This fun, quaffable Riesling is made in the Rheinhessen for us to our specifications, which are 30g/L residual sugar and about 7.5g of acid. It is a pleasant jumble of peaches and oranges on the palate (typical of wines from that area), cleanly refreshing, and fruity without being too sweet. 

The entire label is a goof. Ritter Von Glück means Knights of Glück, named so because the American broker who sources it for us is NYC wine personality Willie Glückstern. The black and white face in the knight's armor is Willie's face photoshopped into the art. I myself wrote the back copy with Willie about 15 years ago. It's all nonsense and funny if you translate the German words and names on it (nasenbluten means "nosebleed" for instance). 

But the wine is seriously delicious.