Pisco 1615

This distillery was named after the year in which the first vineyards were registered around the town of Pisco, in Peru. Pisco (the spirit) is obtained by distilling fresh grape musts; it is the only spirit in the world produced from pure grape must without the addition of water or aging in oak; it therefore retains the varietal character of the grape varietal from which it is sourced. There are several types of Pisco: the Puro- the only 1615 Pisco currently available in the NY/NJ market- is obtained from a single varietal. In addition, there is also Musto Verde, which is made from must that has not completely fermented, as well as Acholado, which is blended from different varietals.

The vineyards are located 243 km south of Lima, in the province of Pisco; the vineyard was originally part of the old Hacienda of Santa Cruz de Lanchas from the 16th century, run by Jesuit monks who tended the vineyards and made and sold Pisco in colonial times.

Today, the distillery strives to capture the perfect equilibrium of artisan care and industrial efficiency. Their production plant has two French copper stills, as well as state-of-the-art Italian strippers and temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks.