Just as the best wines in Priorat are produced from licorella soils, the most singular wines from Montsant are produced from vines tended in pinyolet soils.  A pinyolet is a pebble that results from the erosion of limestone boulders only found in the upper hills of Montsant, and it is these pebbles which transmit the element of minerality and brightness unique to the best wines of this terroir. 

Though Montsant is adjacent to Priorat, these two regions are quite different. Montsant is cooler and higher in elevation than Priorat, which allows Garnacha to retain more acidity and make wines that are brighter, floral, full of tension, and elegant. In the words of Neal Martin: “If Priorat is Pauillac then Montsant is Margaux.” Pinyolet Garnacha is produced from vines that are organically grown.