Paillard, Pierre

Not to be confused with Bruno Paillard! Bruno is about five times the size of Pierre.

Pierre Paillard is a small grower with eleven hectares of vines, all located in Grand Cru Bouzy. The winery has been in the family for eight generations, and they have been bottling under the Pierre Paillard name for four of them. They are unique in the area because of their high percentage of Chardonnay in an area known for Pinot Noir (40% Chardonnay/60% Pinot Noir), which they farm sustainably. This natural approach follows through in the cellar as well, where they use spontaneous yeast fermentations. They never stop malolactic fermentations on their wines; the freshness comes from the fruit. The wines benefit from extended aging on the lees, and the bottled wines are aged in the cellar for up to an additional 10 years for certain cuvées. The dosage is normally in the Brut range (6-8g/L) giving them a nice richness and subtle power on the palate.

The extra special wines here are the first releases of the single-vineyard cuvées, Grand Cru Blanc de Noirs "Maillerettes" and the Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs "Motellettes". All of their holdings are a sélection massale from these two vineyards. Total production for the estate is 8,000 cases.