Located in the tiny, mountainous region of Valle d’Aosta, Franco Noussan and his wife Gabriella are “garagiste” producers of local varieties such as Mayolet, Petit Rouge, Fumin, Cornalin and Vien de Nus. Located in St Christophe, in the hills above the town of Aosta, his cave is dug into the hillside and is literally an extension of his garage. He is a teacher at the local university in Aosta and when not teaching, he likes to work in the vineyards and make wine and eaux-de-vie.

-100% organic. There are no large vineyards here, rather tiny parcels carved into the mountainside.

-The grapes are harvested by hand and the fermentations are with indigenous yeast in stainless steel tanks, pressed using a hand press, then the wine is aged in smaller oak barrels from a year to 14 months.

    -The wines are incredibly aromatic, with low alcohol (approximately 12.5% - except Torette Superior, which is 13.5%) and surprisingly dark color.


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