Holdredge is a true Mom and Pop winery; all of the work is done by either John or Carri Holdredge. They have no employees, and their winery is in an old red barn that has housed wineries off and on since prohibition.

John and Carri operate under two main beliefs: first, wine is made in the vineyard, not in the cellar, and second, that wine is better able to express the place where it is actually from when there is minimal intervention. Holdredge wines are elegant, balanced and nuanced, reflecting the individual vineyard’s “voice” as John likes to call it.

All of the vineyards are farmed sustainably, and final picking decisions are based on taste, not numbers The goal is to produce wines that are approachable now but also have sufficient structure to age gracefully for 5-10 years.

Harvest happens at night when the grapes are coldest and is followed by a 7+ day cold soak. Everything is done by hand when possible, including hand-harvesting and hand-punching, and they avoid pumps, preferring to allow gravity to move the wines gently. Holdredge uses only native yeasts and they never inoculate to initiate malolactic fermentation. The wines are never acidified, watered back or otherwise “messed with” and they are tastefully finished in barrels which always come from the same cooper and same wood to minimize variation in the aging process.