Domaine Castagnier

Jérôme Castagnier has been at the helm of Domaine Castagnier since his father’s retirement in 2007.  The domaine has been passed down through the maternal side of generations, changing names along the way until Jérôme, the first son in 4 generations. Made up of a tiny collection of parcels totalling just 4 hectares, 2 of which are grand cru, Domaine Castagnier is an biodynamically run estate where Jérôme works 100% with the moon, whenever possible.  The grand cru holdings include 27 rows together in Clos de Vougeot across the road from Grands-Echezeaux; Clos de la Roche, Clos Saint Denis and Charmes-Chambertin. The family's first holdings date back to 1890 and currently the oldest vines are in Chambolle, planted in 1933.

Jérôme has added a unique touch to the domaine: as an accomplished musician, a professional trumpet and a part of the Guard Republicain, he applies a diligent cleanliness and order to the winemaking while maintaining a hands-off approach allowing the wines to show their natural elegance. The cellar is gravity-fed and is run according to the phases of the moon. The reds go through natural fermentation in stainless steel and are aged 14-16 monthss in barrels ranging from entirely neutral to up to 40% new on some of the grand crus. The wines return to tank for natural fining/filtering.

The wines ooze finesse and elegance and are truly transparent of Burgundy terroir.