This estate dates back to 1785, when the Beras' ancestors purchased some of the land from the Knights of Malta. By this time, the cultivation of grapes- and in this area, particularly Moscato grapes- had been well-established since the 13th century (and once again we are indebted to those reviled Crusaders for their faithful spreading of the word "grape" to every corner of the known world they traveled!) By the end of the 18th century and into the 19th and 20th centuries, the fame of Moscato (read: Asti Spumante) spread worldwide, as did slipshod production methods. With few exceptions, the bulk standardization of this wine has been the norm ever since. The Family Vittorio Bera broke that mold from the start and were the first to grow and bottle their own wines in Canelli, the oldest, most prestigious zone of Moscato production. Notable is the fact that their Moscato d'Asti is 100% Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains, the finest of the Moscato clones.

Bera's farming has been organic always. Their Moscato grows on steep, southeast-facing slopes of calcerous marl soil of ancient oceanic origins. They also grow Dolcetto and Barbera, as well as white grapes— Cortese, Favorita, Arneis and Sauvignon Blanc—for a still, dry white wine. Harvest is by hand and fermentation involves only indigenous yeasts. Today the estate is run by the sister-brother team of Alessandra and winemaker Gianluigi.