Cascina degli Ulivi (Stefano Bellotti)

Cascina degli Ulivi produces wines from vineyards of around 16 hectares that have been worked using biodynamic methods since 1985. The estate has been in the Bellotti family since the 1930's and is now run by Stefano and his wife Zita. They are committed to the fundamental beliefs of biodynamism and run the estate as an organic farm and restaurant where practically everything served is organically raised. As Stefano puts it, "We consider that the soil is a ‘companion organism’ for everything that lives. In working our vines, we foster the potential harmony of all those forces that contribute to the flow of vitality (of the vine)". Grapes are hand-picked, and only indigenous yeasts are used to ferment the wines. Use of oak is limited to large, successively-used barrels of traditional provenance, and any filtration is minimal.