A Week in the Life of a German Brand Manager

Evan Spingarn, our German Brand Manager, just got back from Germany, where he attended the VDP Weinbörse (a trade fair that occurs once a year in Mainz, Germany. For more info http://www.germanwineusa.com/news-events/news/trade-fair-weinborse.html) and paid visits to all of our Rudi Wiest producers and two of our direct imports (quite the week!).   Here are some of the highlights of his trip: 1. Evan discussing the 2012 vintage with Dr. Manfred Prüm. Apparently, Manfred was amused by  it. PRUMdiscuss 2. Prüm Family Portrait: Amai Prüm and Dr. Manfred Prüm with their daughter (middle) Dr. Katharina Prüm.  Katharina and Manfred now work together to make the wine at Weingut Joh. Jos. Prüm. KatharinaPrum 3. 2011 TBA that is still fermenting in Gunderloch's dining room (!?) PRUM_20130504_008 4. Fritz Hasselbach of Gunderloch and Evan smiling after a glass of his beloved daughter Stefanie's Jurtschitsch Zweigelt Reserve 2009. PRUMandEVAN_20130504_007 5. Hansjörg Rebholz of Rebholz Estate: The leader of the German dry wine movement and the president of the Pfalz chapter of the VDP, which makes him one of the most influential winemakers in Germany today! MY HERO_20130502_022 6. Fritz Becker (of Becker Estate) will be grafting Pinot Noir vines onto these 40 yr old Gewurztraminer vines (remember, this is technically Alsace)! You can't stop progress, I guess. BECKERGEW_20130502_023 7. Andrea Wirsching (of Wirsching) and her happy customer in front of the magnificent  Julius-Echterberg grand cru. This was a giant inland sea over 200 million years ago. Now it's a sea of Silvaner and Riesling vines. WIRSCHINGandEVAN_20130503_012 8. Here is a nice photo of Hanno Zilliken and his great grandmother Antoinette. Hannomother 9. And these two photos are of the incredible mold that grows on the 2nd and 3rd levels of Zilliken's underground cellar. The air down there is as fresh as the outdoors because the molds act as a filter. Who'da thunk it? moldzill moremoldzill 10. Weirdest wine ever: A 1980 Zilliken kabinett eiswein that tasted like a trocken Riesling with islay scotch dripped into it. 11. And last, but not least, this was taken (after a harrowing drive) in the Saar. Evan wrote in an email, "Imagine my delight when I saw this magnificent painting in the lobby of our hotel. These are truly my people". Weirdhotelart In the photo: Erin Scala, an NYC sommelier who was recently tapped by NYT wine writer, Eric Asimov, in his "What We're Reading Now", for her blog http://www.thinking-drinking.com/. Prost, HF

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